Candela Hernández began her training in the Breakdance discipline in Seville, 2008, at the age of 12. During that time of humble learning, with specific workshops from different B-boys from the city and from two B-Girls from France and Italy, Candela has attended and participated in numerous municipal Bboying (breakdance) championships where she began to become little known. a bit like one of the few B-Girls in Seville.

In 2013, On Dance Studios gave him the opportunity to participate in several Flashmobs in various shopping centers, and it was then that he decided to continue a more serious training, thus expanding his training, not only in urban styles such as Hip Hop, Commercial Dance, Whacking or Dancehall, but also in Jazz Funk, Contemporary and Street Jazz, among others, in order to be a more versatile dancer.

Since then, he has been completing his training with both national and international teachers such as Jerome Esplana, Viki Cěrcěk, Bam Martin, Candace Brown, Anthony Lee, Dylan Mayoral, Emanuel Battista, Giulia Salvatore, Kenzo Alvares, Rob Rich, Mecnun Giasar, Camillo Lauricella , Laure Courtellemont, Ian Easwood, Vinh Nguyen and Pat Cruz, among others.

In the professional field, Candela maintains great contact with the children, having served as a monitor in various camps and Gymkhanas until she began to immerse herself in experience as a dance teacher with the little ones. Since then, he has taught at various Sports Clubs in Seville. In addition, making a competition partner with Manuel Rico under the name of "MC Youngz", he has participated in the municipal Hip Hop championship "Muévete (Two Sisters)", adding performances as dancers in various shows in Seville since 2008, participation in Choreographer of the Year with the assembly Transición by Esther Moreno, in addition to other specific works.

She is currently receiving a scholarship at On Dance Studios and it is worth highlighting her two appearances on Canal Sur for two of her programs "El Club de las Ideas" and "Sí quiero".