What is Commercial Dance?

It is the most commercial and television style among modern and urban dances. Although in Spain we know this style as Funky, it does not really correspond to this style, but rather corresponds more to what in other places they would call Commercial Dance or Sexy Style. In our country we recognize "Funky" under this name through the program "Fama ¡A Bailar!", Where precisely our director, Gsus Villaú, was as a choreographer during the 2009 group edition.

Funky is characterized by being an energetic style, with very sharp and wide movements that derive from a fusion of other styles such as Jazz, HipHop or even Contemporary, thus resulting in showy choreographies of a more commercial nature.

In many dance academies in Seville you will find Funky classes, but the purest and most authentic style cannot be other than that of our ON Dance Studios teachers.