Gsus Villaú, founder and director of ON Dance Studios, Yes We Dance and ONE Events.

He trained as a professional in the best schools in Spain, Italy, England, Australia and the United States, where he was able to acquire his own style to give his creations a personal touch. He has made an international tour teaching Courses and Masters all over the world. He has passed through Sydney and Melbourne (Australia), Lima (Peru) and a multitude of Spanish cities.

In his professional career, Gsus has collaborated as a Commercial Dance (Funky) teacher in the program "Fama ¡a Bailar!" of Cuatro TV in 2009, and has also worked as a choreographer for many brands such as Coca Cola Zero, Burn, KIA Motors, Movistar, CC Los Arcos, among others, and has also directed two shows of his own creation for the International Dance Festival of Itálica, "Programmed Obsolescence" and "Ethnicity", with dancers and choreographers of great international prestige.


As a dancer and / or choreographer assistant, he has worked on the program "Factor X" in London (UK) with the choreographer Brian Friedman, "Hoy no melero levantar" (musical), Greta (y los Garbo), Miguel Ángel Muñoz , Melody, Movistar, BMW, Desigual, Lee, and television programs such as Eurojunior, Gente de Primera, San Sebastián International Film Festival, Telepasión (TVE), Los Más de Antena3 ...


In addition, she has also worked as a model in the "Madrid International Fashion Week", and in other fashion shows in different Spanish cities.