María Caliani (Seville, 1993) began to dance, in her city, at the age of 14, receiving specific hip-hop classes and workshops, and training with other colleagues sharing knowledge.

It is in 2013 when he decides to expand his skills and comes to On Dance Studios to receive Contemporary and Commercial Dance classes. The following year, 2014/15 academic year, she received a scholarship from this and extended her training to technical modalities such as classical, jazz, street jazz; and other styles like house, dancehall, and twerk.
And receiving classes with national teachers and choreographers (Úrsula Aguilera, Omar Fernández, Bea Villabol, etc.) and international ones (Dylan Mayoral, Kenzo Alvares, Viki Cercek, Camilo Lauricella, Ami Saitoh, Josh Williams, Sorah Yang, among others).

It is also in 2015 when he begins to dance as a cheerleader for the 'CDB Sevilla' and as a member of the group 'Spanish Twerk Team', touring various parts of Spain. In addition, she has participated in several video clips, worked as a dancer accompanying singers, hostess of events, ...

At the same time, he studied the degree in Pedagogy at the University of Seville, using this knowledge to complement it with dance. In this way, combining both studies, it carries out projects in centers of diversity of ages and abilities such as AseDown y Cía 'Danza Mobile'.

At present she continues to train in all possible modalities to try to become a multidisciplinary dancer.

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