María López Segura began her training at the age of 4 at the Lita Paredes Flamenco Dance Academy, in Almería. At 14, he began his stage of training in modern dance at On Dance Studios under the guidance of director Gsus Villaú. She has been trained in very different styles, such as commercial, hip hop, jazz, ballet, dancehall, contemporary, among others, in order to become a versatile dancer.

He has trained with national choreographers such as Sebastián Linares, Adrián Manzano, Oriana Meléndez, Adrian Velasco, Omar Fernández, Bea Villabol, Úrsula Aguilera, Jorge Vidal, Pastor Obiang and Jesús Lobo, as well as international ones such as Will Da Beast, Janelle Ginestra , Dylan Mayoral, Josh Williams, Nat Bat, Andy Vega, Diana Matos, Ysabelle Capitule, Sorah Yang, Rob Rich, Flaminia Genoese, Ez Twins, Baiba Klints, Kenzo Alvares, among others, thanks to the dance camp “Yes We Dance Sevilla ”Organized by On Dance Studios, which it has attended every year since its inception.

He has been part of the Cheerleaders team at On Dance Studios at Real Betis Energía Plus for three consecutive years.

He has also participated in different shows and videos produced by On Dance Studios, and was a member of the competition group SNAP! choreographed by Jesús Lobo.

She appeared on the Canal Sur program "La Báscula" as a backing dancer in two very special episodes.

Currently, she continues her training as a dancer and teaches commercial and baby dance classes at On Dance Studios.

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