What is the Dancehall Queen?

Twerking is a very sensual dance that focuses its execution on the movements of the pelvis and hips. Her name is popularly known for the singer Miley Cirus and it has become the fashionable dance of the moment.

The booty shaking (as it was known previously) has its origin in Hip Hop music and was developed especially in the parties that were organized with this music.

The term twerk begins to sound in songs since 1993 by the hand of DJ Juibilee in his song Do The Jubilee All. During all these years the word twerk has been sung by such well-known artists as Beyonce or Justin Timberlake.

Twerking is not simply moving your butt, there are different techniques like the jiggle or the bubble that are really difficult to control, and different positions to do it. The twerk ranges from a simple movement of the hips to the most extreme stunts.

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